Hepa Wash - Liver Dialysis

Hepa Wash
Liver Support Therapy

Hepa Wash is committed to the development of an extracorporeal support therapy for the treatment of patients with life threatening liver and kidney failure.

Many people connect dialysis with an “artificial kidney”. When the kidneys stop functioning, this artificial kidney can take over the blood cleansing. In this way, regardless of the existing organ failure, it is possible for the patient to live decades longer.
There does not yet exist a comparable and standardized treatment option for patients with liver failure. Liver failure is thus one of the leading causes of death worldwide.
We want to change this with our novel Hepa Wash® technology.

Market Approved in Europe

The in-house developed hemodialysis device and treatment fluids are cleared for market entry within the European Economic Area (CE-marking). The therapy is currently available only in selected hospitals in Germany.

Please contact us for more information regarding the current therapy locations.

Germany Land of Ideas – Selected Landmark 2011 Hepa Wash Liver Dialysis
is prize winner in the contest
„365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas“